After seeing countless photos of the Santorini Caldera I figured it was finally time to visit the Greek island late last year. We grow up seeing images of the most beautiful places on earth and I have made it a point to see those places with my own eyes. A picture can never do these places justice. Santorini was easily one of the most beautiful and romantic places I have been to. While I usually hit up busy cities, this was a more relaxing laid back trip, the kind you take for a honeymoon. Enjoy the slideshow and I hope you are inspired to see the world.

Where would you like to see me go this year?

Photos By Nigel D.

Nigel D. Presents: Hong Kong
Nigel D. Presents: The Great Wall Of China (Mutianyu)
Nigel D. Presents: Tokyo, Japan
Nigel D. Presents: The Opulence Of Dubai
Nigel D. Presents: The Streets Of Cairo, Egypt
Nigel D. Presents: The Ancient City Of Rome

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