Video: Ryan Leslie Speaks On “Black Mozart,” & His Lawsuit

Written by Nigel D. / 02.07.13

Ryan Leslie speaks with the Breakfast Club about his upcoming album, “Black Mozart,” and his ongoing lawsuit. Ryan Leslie also speaks about Cassie and Diddy.

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Video: Ryan Leslie – Carnival of Venice

Written by Nigel D. / 01.29.13

Ryan Leslie drops a video for, “Carnival of Venice,” off of, “Black Mozart.” This shit is fire!

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Video: Ryan Leslie – Lovers & Mountains

Written by Nigel D. / 01.23.13

Ryan Leslie drops a promo video for his Valentine’s Day show in NYC.

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Video: Fabolous ft. Pusha T & Ryan Leslie – Life Is So Exciting Remix

Written by Nigel D. / 01.10.13

Ryan Leslie creates an extended video for, “Life Is So Exciting,” for the remix.

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Video: Talib Kweli ft. Ryan Leslie – Outstanding

Written by Nigel D. / 12.18.12

Talib Kweli links up with Ryan Leslie for, “Outstanding.”

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Video: Ryan Leslie Responds To The Million Dollar Verdict

Written by Nigel D. / 12.01.12

And despite what the jury said, that million dollar reward is still out there for anybody who can return all my compositions to me. That’s why I never took the video off of YouTube. I never got anything back, but luckily God blessed me with talent and I could make some of the music over again, you know what I’m saying?

So I appreciate each and everyone of y’all for your support tonight and for the future ’cause we gonna keep making this music and we gonna try to work something out with my man over in Germany – maybe he misunderstood – but this is a record off that album.”
- Ryan Leslie

Ryan Leslie speaks on losing his case and being told he has to pay a million for his found laptop.

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Ryan Leslie Is Ordered To Pay One Million Dollars To The Man That Found His Laptop

Written by Nigel D. / 11.29.12

Jurors taught a big-talking hip-hop artist a lesson about broken promises yesterday when they ordered him to pay the $1 million reward he had offered for the return of his stolen laptop. Cheapskate performer and producer Ryan Leslie must fork over the Benjamins to auto-repair-shop owner Armin Augstein, who found the computer while walking his dog and turned it over to German cops in November 2010.
Full Story: NY Post

Ryan Leslie had his laptop stolen in Europe a while ago and offered a ridiculous million dollar reward for its’ return. I guess he thought he wouldn’t ever need to actually pay it, ouch. When I heard Ryan Leslie lost his laptop I wanted to go to Europe and pull a, “Taken.” I think the man deserves a reward but Ryan shouldn’t be forced to pay the full million. Of course Ryan Leslie will appeal.

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