Rhymefest Speaks on Ghostwriting For Kanye West

Written by Nigel D. / 10.21.15

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“It does kind of bother me that I go to my friends’ $20 million houses, and last year I was trying to figure out how to pay my mortgage. It’s not their fault, totally. When you look at the way artists get paid now, streaming has decimated the income of the writer, so the writer doesn’t really have a career anymore. My ASCAP royalty checks went from a lot to almost nothing.”

“I stumbled upon the sample, and it was supposed to be on my demo,” recalls Rhymefest. “But Kanye had access. He was already signed to Def Jam and had an album slated, so this is the point where you could become selfish or practical. He rapped the song better than I probably would’ve at that time. He knew more about the industry, and he made that song a success. So he should get the credit for that. But he wouldn’t have all that without my words.”

Many have even called it Kanye’s most personal song—which strikes Rhymefest as a tad strange, since he wrote virtually all of the lyrics. “It was a personal song, but it was my words,” he says with a polite shrug.

But according to Rhymefest, he’s been writing with Kanye since The College Dropout, and hasn’t received credit on a lot of the songs he’s worked on.

“I’ve written for all of Kanye’s albums with the exception of 808s & Heartbreak,” he says, adding, “There are a lot of songs that my name isn’t even on.”

Full Interview: DailyBeast

Rhymefest spoke on his documentary “In My Father’s House” and past work writing for Kanye West. It claims his name wasn’t credited on some of the songs he did work on. Does Kanye get a pass on having ghostwriters because he is a producer?

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Video: Empowerment (Documentary On Rhymefest Helping Youths In Chicago)

Written by Nigel D. / 07.07.14

“Empowerment” focuses on one of Chicago’s great contemporary leaders in Che Rhymefest Smith. It shows how he uses his knowledge and unique talents to positively influence not only the city of Chicago, but also other communities around the nation. Through the Donda’s House Organization, Rhymefest has literally made building other people his business. REVIVE had the amazing opportunity to experience some of these things first hand and hope that viewers will get at least a taste of who Che Smith is, and how he is impacting the Chicago community.

Check below for Rhymefest’s, “4th Of July,” video.
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Rapper Rhymefest Is Campaigning For A Role In Chicago’s City Hall

Written by Nigel D. / 10.23.10

Best of luck to Rhymefest, he seems like he really wants to make a change.

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Rhymefest – Give It To Me

Written by Nigel D. / 05.11.10

Rhymefest’s sophomore LP, El Che, will be released on 6-8-2010.

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Rhymefest Speaks On His Beef With Charles Hamilton

Written by Nigel D. / 03.19.09

via Karen Civil

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Rhymefest – Super Sonic (Charles Hamilton Diss)

Written by Nigel D. / 01.29.09

Rhymefest – Super Sonic

LOL damn everybody is beefing in 09. Check out Rhymefest’s reasoning for the diss track below.

Charles Hamilton’s response:

Situation is simple: a sensitive lyricist is upset at a random punchline that he wasn’t even there to hear. I’m glad it isn’t SB, but its not really a step up.

I offer the same resolution to this old ass child. Because we spoke. Leave me alone, or be faced with a psychodelic, unholy lyrical response that will scar even your forefathers’ viewpoint on the way your life has been lived up until the point you decided to engage in lyrical combat.

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Rhymefest Says He, “Collaborates,” With Kanye West & Doesn’T Ghost Write For Him

Written by Nigel D. / 11.03.08

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