Video: Drake And Lil Wayne Pay Tribute To Meek Mill In Philly

Written by Nigel D. / 08.22.14

Drake and Lil Wayne play Meek Mill’s “Dream and Nightmares” intro as tribute to Meek Mill who is currently locked up.

During the “Drake vs Lil Wayne” tour stop in Philly the two artists played Meek Mill’s intro to “Dreams & Nightmares” tos how love to Meek while he is locked up.


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Meek Mill’s Latest Sentence Appeal Has Been Denied

Written by Nigel D. / 08.18.14

Meek Mill

His Sept. 9 album release is canceled and his lawyer says he’s losing a fortune but Philadelphia-born rapper Meek Mill won’t be getting out of prison before mid-October, a city judge ruled Monday. After an often-acrimonious 90-minute hearing in a courtroom packed with the jailed hip-hop artist’s supporters, Common Pleas Court Judge Genece E. Brinkley said she saw no signs Mill – real name Robert Williams – has changed his ways since she imprisoned him on July 11.
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I felt like Meek Mill was building momentum and could have took over this summer. Hopefully he can end the year strong and still drop his album this year.

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Mike Davis ft. KeKe Palmer & Meek Mill – About A Dolla

Written by Nigel D. / 08.12.14

Dream Chaser, Mike Davis, gets Keke Palmer and Meek Mill on “About A Dolla.”

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Video: Meek Mill Gives Back To The Community

Written by Nigel D. / 08.06.14

Check footage of Meek Mill giving back to his community.

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Video: Meek Mill Previews Music From “Dreams Worth More Than Money”

Written by Nigel D. / 07.30.14

Meek Mill is currently locked up but today his team released footage of him in the studio playing unreleased music.

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Meek Mill Has Been Sentenced To Time In A County Jail

Written by Nigel D. / 07.11.14

Fox Philly
is reporting Meek Mill has been sentenced to 3 To 6 months in a county jail.

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Meek Mill Calls Out Wale On Twitter

Written by Nigel D. / 07.09.14

Meek Mill, Rick Ross & Wale

When u young and successful..U experience a different type of racism.and it brings jealousy,hate & a new level of people tryna bring u down. Wale just ain’t gone tweet a thing about my album…. He’s been hating on me long time now …don’t even text me cornball! #UNOTMMG. Everybody can see it! None of y’all dudes don’t call me text me nothing it is what it is! I don’t really want no suckas in arm reach of me…. My hands might lose control! That’s how I’m rocking. I ain’t doing nomore acting for no rap shit!

I got real family at home and all my day 1′s on the road wit me….. I just wanna make it known who is who! I don’t need no support…It’s about a lot of these dudes really b hating behind closed doors..All these guys that’s on the rap scene kno
- Meek Mill

Looks like Meek Mill is upset Wale didn’t tweet about his upcoming album and vented about it on twitter today. Wale’s response is below.
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