K. Michelle ft. Meek Mill – Anybody Wanna Buy A Heart

Written by Nigel D. / 11.18.14

K Michelle’s new album “Anybody Wanna Buy A Heart” hits stores December 9th. On the title track she sings about heart break with bars from Meek Mill and production from Arch Tha Boss. Check the album trailer below.

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Irv Gotti Gives Meek Mill Praise And Says He Can Be A Voice For The Have Nots

Written by Nigel D. / 11.11.14

I really hope this n***a come out and f*** the game up. I personally believe Jail was a BLESSING to Meek. Hopefully he seeing s**t clearly now. And also hopefully he understands that the game should be all his when he comes home. In a day and age where most Rappers ain’t really saying s**t. He has a chance to be the one who speaks for those who don’t have a VOICE. The Have Nots. And the Rappers who embody the Have Nots. Have historically been nothing to f*** with. TUPAC AND DMX. Meek has an opportunity to come out and be something greater than MUSIC!! I hope somehow. He sees this post and if he isn’t focused. I hope this helps him get focused. When he came out with I’m A Boss Record. I felt something different with this n***a. His energy was different. I heard hunger. I heard a n***a with something to prove and something to say. Whenever I spoke to him. I would try and tell him things. But he was in the moment. So I don’t know if he was listening. When that Intro record came out. Me and him was in LIV. Now anyone that been in LIV when that record came on. IT WAS A MOVIE. I was trying to tell him who he was and is as an Artist. That he is from the same family tree as the LEGENDS TUPAC AND DMX. And what type of records and singles he needs to kill the world with. But again. Young n***a was doing him and living in that moment. So I don’t know how serious he was taking my words. Which I don’t give to many. But I see something in this n***a. What doesn’t kill you. Only can make you Stronger. I want this n***a to win. #freemeek @meekmill It should be almost that time. If this gets to you n***a. Call me. The Game should be yours. But you gonna have to TAKE IT!! But the way I see it. It’s an easy TAKE!! #legendary #visionary
– Irv Gotti

Irv Gotti thinks Meek Mill will take over when he gets out, do you agree?

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DJ Holiday ft. Meek Mill, Future, T.I. & Stuey Rock – Flexin

Written by Nigel D. / 11.04.14

DJ Holiday is “Flexin” with, Meek Mill, Future, T.I. & Stuey Rock.

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Maino ft. Meek Mill & Yo Gotti – All These Hoes

Written by Nigel D. / 10.27.14

Maino raps about “All These Hoes” with Meek Mill and Yo Gotti. “KOB 2″ drops November 25th.

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Meek Mill ft. Lil Boosie – F*** You Mean?

Written by Nigel D. / 10.22.14

Meek Mill is unfortunately still locked up but his team releases a collab with Lil Boosie called “F*** You Mean?”

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Pamola Ford ft. Meek Mill – Let Me See

Written by Nigel D. / 10.19.14

Pamola Ford features Meek Mill on “Let Me See.”

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August Alsina Speaks To A Still Locked Up Meek Mill

Written by Nigel D. / 10.17.14


Squad kalled from that shit hole… Good to hear & feel a smile on em thru it all. I tol em God sat us down differently but at the end of it all he SAT US DOWN! He said Exactly! We jus gotta know/recognize when da Man giving you a chance to get your shit in order then Come back stronger then ever. #HeSayHeMightFuckArounNwearASuitOnceAWeek #ISaid ???????? #NoooImNotReady *K.Hart voice ???? #FreeMeekMilly

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Surprised Meek Mill has been locked up for this long, this really slowed down his momentum. I’m sure he will come out ready to work and drop his sophomore album.

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