Minister Louis Farrakhan Releases A Letter About Jay Electronica’s Brooklyn Hip Hop Festival Performance

Written by Nigel D. / 07.22.14

A Special Message Regarding Jay Electronica’s July 12, 2014 Performance at The Brooklyn Hip Hop Festival in New York

Special Note—After making this statement, Minister Farrakhan wanted to impart the following to the readers: “Below is just a humble and loving communique to all who are followers of Islam and students of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad under my leadership. And to all of our people who knowingly and unknowingly are involved in a process bigger than themselves (The Resurrection).”

I am very proud of the Fruit of Islam (F.O.I.) and the Believers who stood with Brother Jay Electronica as he delivered what he delivered to the people gathered in Brooklyn at The Hip Hop Festival in New York.

I understand that some criticized Brother Jay Electronica’s use of profanity while wearing the uniform of the Fruit of Islam (F.O.I.) of The Nation of Islam. I humbly and respectfully ask: Has any of us who have accepted Islam and its required high degree of moral excellence and civilization ever said or done anything that is less than representative of what we believe? I am sure that all of us, if we are honest, would have to say that we have. Is the uniform that represents us as the Muslim Girls Training and General Civilization Class (M.G.T.) or F.O.I. more important than that which we say we believe and should represent 24 hours a day? If we violate our own teachings or make mistakes in how we handle our teachings and ourselves with respect to our moral teachings, do we not expect and desire Allah (God) to be forgiving and merciful to us, particularly if we petition for His forgiveness? Of course we do. (Read Holy Qur’an, Surah 26 “The Poets,” verses 78-82 – Abraham speaking of and to The Lord of The Worlds)

In closing: I was one of the 85 Percent, according to our Lessons, deceived by the 10 Percent; but when I met the Honorable Elijah Muhammad, and bore witness to him and The Great Mahdi, Master Fard Muhammad, to Whom praise is due forever, I became one of the 5 Percent, “The Poor Righteous Teachers,” who know The Law of Cause and Effect, and are busy every day teaching the 85 Percent that are victims, slaves and tools of the wicked 10 Percent.

So, if someone offered me what Brother Jay Electronica was offered by Brother Jay Z, I too would accept it with the biggest smile on my face, for I too, as all of us in The Nation of Islam, are The Five Percent: Poor Righteous Teachers who are called to teach the 85 Percent, and free them from the chains of slavery and subservience as tools of the 10 Percent.

May Allah’s peace be with all of us, and may He grant us forgiveness for any shortcomings that we may have and have manifested. And if it is The Will of Allah, I hope that I will soon meet Brother Jay Electronica to guide him in The Great Work that I know he will do for The Cause of Islam.
- Minister Louis Farrakhan
Full Letter: Final Call

Minister Louis Farrakhan speaks on Jay Electronica’s recent Brooklyn Hip Hop Festival performance and Jay Z giving Electronica his chain.

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Video: Jay Electronica Brings Out Jay Z At The 2014 Brooklyn Hip Hop Festival

Written by Nigel D. / 07.13.14

Jay Z and Jay Electronica at Brooklyn Hip Hop… by BKHipHopFestival

Brooklyn had a big surprise when Jay Electronica brought out Jay Z to perform their, “We Made It,” remix and, “Shiny Suit Theory.” Check below for more footage.
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Video: Jay Electronica Brings Out Mac Miller, Talib Kweli & J. Cole In Brooklyn

Written by Nigel D. / 07.13.14

Jay Electronica And Talib Kweli Perform Just… by BKHipHopFestival

Along with bringing out Jay Z, Jay Electronica also brought out, Mac Miller, Talib Kweli & J. Cole during his set at the 2014 Brooklyn Hip Hop Festival.

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Some Words From Jay Electronica

Written by Nigel D. / 04.04.14

And i don’t respect no so-called thug that will kill his brother for little or nothing but submit to these crooked ass police. Your gun don’t really go off. Only against your own brother who is in the mud like you. coward. “Thugs” and “goons” walk past George Zimmerman everyday. why he ain’t get his head bust yet? If you can’t relate to what I’m saying, I’m not talking to you.

Whats sad is pp will fight or oppose you if you dabble in this kind of talk.. but they won’t fight the school for teaching the babies lies. They won’t fight the banks for stealing their homes or the FDA for approving poison to be fed to the ppl. How I say it may not come out right, but you motherf***ers know what I’m saying, and those that pretend they don’t are just pretenders. Everything is pretend these days. Every f***ing thing. Its like ppl have abandoned there inner constitution for turn up kits and social networking hype. No one is a standup guy anymore? Rant over. You can go back to listening to your favourite artists tell you how much you’re not sh!t and make you feel bad for not having. Turnupturnupturnup welcome to the f***ing circus.

And w all of this bullsh!t in circulation in the art industries, I’m starting to think some of these ppl are fucking CIA. These artists bloggers journalists label execs radio programmers are acting like f***ing CIA operatives. What is your purpose? And if this doesn’t apply to you then it doesn’t apply. shut the f*** up.
- Jay Electronica

Thoughts on what Jay Electronica has to say?

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Jay Electronica x Jay Z – We Made It Remix

Written by Nigel D. / 03.23.14

Jay Electronica and Jay Z remix Drake’s, “We Made It.”

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Jay Electronica ft. LaTonya Givens – Better In Tune With The Infinite

Written by Nigel D. / 03.15.14

Jay Electronica has been quiet since singing to Roc Nation. Here goes an unreleased track entitled, “Better In Tune With The Infinite.” Are you anticipating a Jay Electronica album release?

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Big Sean ft. Kendrick Lamar & Jay Electronica – Control (Kendrick Lamar Calls Himself King Of New York)

Written by Nigel D. / 08.13.13


I’m Machiavelli’s offspring, I’m the king of New York, King of the Coast, one hand I juggle them both
– Kendrick Lamar

Big Sean drops, “No I.D. (Freestyle),” featuring, Kendrick Lamar & Jay Electronica. “Hall Of Fame,” drops August 27th.

Clearly Kendrick Lamar went off calling pretty much the whole rap game out. Either he called you out by name or kinda of played you by not mentioning you at all. So Kendrick didn’t mention Lil Wayne, Rick Ross, T.I. nor Kanye West…hmmmm.Also when naming new artist he didn’t mention Nicki Minaj.

Check out reactions below.
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