Irv Gotti Speaks On The Success Of Jay Z’s Vol. 2 & How Murder Inc Could Have Responded To 50 Cent

Written by Nigel D. / 11.11.15

Irv Gotti speaks on how Murder Inc should have responded to 50 Cent. Below Irv Gotti speaks on what made Jay Z’s “Hard Knock Life Vol. 2” a major success back in the 90’s.

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Irv Gotti Speaks On How Def Jam & Jay Z Didn’t Believe In DMX At First

Written by Nigel D. / 11.09.15

The Murder Inc head honcho recalls telling Lyor Cohen to shut up during Def Jam staff meetings.
via Complex

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Irv Gotti Gives Meek Mill Praise And Says He Can Be A Voice For The Have Nots

Written by Nigel D. / 11.11.14

I really hope this n***a come out and f*** the game up. I personally believe Jail was a BLESSING to Meek. Hopefully he seeing s**t clearly now. And also hopefully he understands that the game should be all his when he comes home. In a day and age where most Rappers ain’t really saying s**t. He has a chance to be the one who speaks for those who don’t have a VOICE. The Have Nots. And the Rappers who embody the Have Nots. Have historically been nothing to f*** with. TUPAC AND DMX. Meek has an opportunity to come out and be something greater than MUSIC!! I hope somehow. He sees this post and if he isn’t focused. I hope this helps him get focused. When he came out with I’m A Boss Record. I felt something different with this n***a. His energy was different. I heard hunger. I heard a n***a with something to prove and something to say. Whenever I spoke to him. I would try and tell him things. But he was in the moment. So I don’t know if he was listening. When that Intro record came out. Me and him was in LIV. Now anyone that been in LIV when that record came on. IT WAS A MOVIE. I was trying to tell him who he was and is as an Artist. That he is from the same family tree as the LEGENDS TUPAC AND DMX. And what type of records and singles he needs to kill the world with. But again. Young n***a was doing him and living in that moment. So I don’t know how serious he was taking my words. Which I don’t give to many. But I see something in this n***a. What doesn’t kill you. Only can make you Stronger. I want this n***a to win. #freemeek @meekmill It should be almost that time. If this gets to you n***a. Call me. The Game should be yours. But you gonna have to TAKE IT!! But the way I see it. It’s an easy TAKE!! #legendary #visionary
– Irv Gotti

Irv Gotti thinks Meek Mill will take over when he gets out, do you agree?

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“It’s F***ing Sad What The Music Business Has Become.” – Irv Gotti

Written by Nigel D. / 10.22.14


Wow. I had to repost this and give Yall what I been saying for years now. The business of music is OVER. Not 1 Album that has come out in 2014 is gonna be certified Platinum. That’s fucking crazy. Now don’t get me wrong. An artist can still come out and make some money. Doing shows. But for me. A label owner. And a Producer. My money was largely based on record sales. Which there isn’t any. Anymore. I used to charge 250k for 1 beat. Yessss my n***as. 250k for 1 beat. The budgets where so big and labels knew I would deliver a hit to sell there albums. So it all made sense. Then I had a crazy producer agreement where I would make money off of record 1 sold. With no recoupment of the 250k. So basically. All those records you heard with me whispering murder inc. And they was going #1. Oh. I was getting it. Majorly. Fast forward to a few years ago. I’m doing a song for a platinum selling artist. I finish the record cause they asked me to do it. All they had was f***ing 10k. I was like. Is this a joke. So this explains when people ask me to do music again. Which I love with a passion. But I need money for my genius. That’s why I am focusing on TV. Movies. Marketing and Advertising. Business where my genius can get rewarded. It’s f***ing sad what the music business has become. Technology and the world has flipped and turned its back on the music biz. They feel music should be free now. Look at U2. One of the biggest bands. They gave away there album on iTunes. Gave it away. But there good. They probably charged ITunes a fee for that. And now with the album for free. They will go on a world tour and make millions. But what about the label. And the producers. What do they get? Where is there royalty off of a free album. It’s f***ed up. And the government won’t step in and help this business. Why? They hate us. The music biz. Hip hop I. General has changed and altered more good ni***z lives than anything else. They think we are all drug dealers. Hustlers. Pimps. They could care less. If his happened to the TV or Movie Industry. Best believe they will fix it. Not music. You think they like seeing Bobby Schmurda get f***ing money? Nah. Slow us down. #pissed
– Irv Gotti

Thoughts on what Irv Gotti had to say and no album going platinum this year?

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Irv Gotti Is Helping To Produce A Taz’s Angels Reality Show

Written by Nigel D. / 05.24.14

Yes mothaf***kas. It’s happening. So world get ready!! Everyone. It’s real. This is what we shooting right now. #tazsangels Y’all about to see and experience something that you never seen before. Trust me!!! So much will get told about the girls. And how they really live and get down. All the rumors and bulls**t will get addressed. GREAT TELEVISION.
Irv Gotti

The infamous, “Taz’s Angels,” crew looks to be getting a reality show with some help from Irv Gotti. The crew of ladies made famous on Instagram now have cameras following them capturing their wild nights out and twerking. Check the slideshow for some pics and video clips of the ladies.
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Video: Ja Rule & Irv Gotti Speak With The Breakfast Club

Written by Nigel D. / 09.26.13

Ja Rule and Irv Gotti hit up Power 105.1 to discuss, prison, Murder Inc, 50 Cent and more with The Breakfast Club. In part 2 below Ja Rule speaks on 50 Cent taking his style after dissing it and approaching a DJ for playing a Ja Rule diss track at a party.
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Video: Ja Rule & Irv Gotti Speak With Angie Martinez About Murder Inc’s Downfall & Taking An L From 50 Cent

Written by Nigel D. / 09.20.13

Ja Rule and Irv Gotti hit Hot 97 to speak about, prison, the rise and fall of Murder Inc and more.

Props Hot 97
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