Jim Jones Calls Dame Dash A Culture Vulture

Written by Nigel D. / 08.25.14


I’m not sure what exactly would make @jimjonescapo disrespect me publicly or any kind of way but if it’s over money or Buisness i really don’t think that’s the most productive way to deal with things…but I’m always open for discussion as long as we speak as men… I would never be ignorant enough to get on some tuff shit… That’s what’s killing our culture… I have nothing but love for you despite your disrespect…we are all kind of used to the way you react in the moment but it’s just not positive or productive for the culture….let’s lead by example…we can’t be fighting each other it makes us all look dumb harlem does stick together we never fight each other… Please don’t try to make a positive thing look negative….if you have a real issue we can talk about it…my daughter is on this Instagram…. And I love your family my nigga… Let’s hug it up…. We dont need to be fighting #harlemstickstogether
– Damon Dash

No word yet on what is caused Jim Jones to call out Dame Dash, check the response Dash had above.

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Video: Damon Dash Calls Out Kanye West For Not Looking Out For Biggs

Written by Nigel D. / 07.19.14

DAME DASH – Calls Out KANYE WEST for not reaching out to Kareem “BIGGS” Burke, upcoming movies with CAMRON & PUSHA T and discusses the way artist’s should be doing business in music…INDEPENDENTLY.

Damon Dash goes in on Kanye West at 9:52 and 11:30.

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Video: Damon Dash & Redman Discuss The Music Business Industry

Written by Nigel D. / 07.17.14

Hip Hop Motivation interviews Damon Dash and Redman on the independent hustle of business. “The Secret To Ballin” coming soon.

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Video: Damon Dash Discusses Hip Hop Culture Disrespect

Written by Nigel D. / 07.15.14

Damon Dash speaks on what he thinks is “Hip Hop Culture Disrespect.”

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Video: Dame Dash ft. Sen City – Flip

Written by Nigel D. / 06.18.14

Dame Dash educates us on what a, “Flip,” is.

Props Complex

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Video: Damon Dash Speaks On If He Is Broke

Written by Nigel D. / 06.12.14

Damon Dash speaks on people saying he is broke.

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Audio: Funkmaster Flex Goes Off On Damon Dash

Written by Nigel D. / 06.06.14

Im just curious why @djfunkflex has so much to say about a person when he’s on a mike on the radio but when I directly addressed him so we could publicly have a face to face conversation and he hasent said a word yet… @djfunkflex I’m calling you and joi out… And lyor his as well… They don’t even have enough respect for the culture to address what Iam saying … You nerds have been making money from rap beef for years which makes our culture look stupid so why not engage in #ceobeef ?… Pause …because all three of you know I will expose your intellect and the whole world will see exactly how smart you lames really are #dontgetscared
Damon Dash

Funk Flex goes off on Damon Dash for his negative comments about Joie Manda.

Check below for Dame’s response.
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