#StopTheMadness: A Rapper Faces Possible Life In Prison Over A Rap Album He Released

Written by Nigel D. / 11.17.14

It’s a showdown that is breaking legal ground — a local man with no criminal record facing a lifetime behind bars for cutting a rap album. Prosecutors are calling upon a state law put in place by voters in 2000 that has not been used until now. It allows for the prosecution of gang members if they benefit from crimes committed by other gang members. Though Duncan hasn’t been tied to the shootings, prosecutors argued that he benefited from the shootings because his gang gained in status, allowing him to sell more albums.
via 10News

This is a big reach, with this logic a lot of rappers would be in jail right now. Can this law be applied to criminals who profit from books and movies too?

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Stop The Madness: Keeping It G Real

Written by Nigel D. / 11.13.14

Looks like this kid has seen one too many rap videos. Seems like he is trying way too hard to come off as “G Real.” Kids like this don’t last too long in the streets.

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#StopTheMadness: A 7-11 Employee’s Store Was Robbed While Freestyling For A Radio Show

Written by Nigel D. / 10.15.14

The good news is Will was okay. We spoke to him again an hour later, and while he was dealing with paperwork, he was fine. You listen long enough & you’ll hear everything. Will in Baltimore’s running the counter at 7-11 around 3:30a. And in the middle of his rap, his store gets robbed. This leads to us learning Mraz’s Subway once got robbed.

Thankfully the employee was not injured during the robbery.

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Stop The Madness: A Cop Shoots An Unarmed Man After Asking For His License

Written by Nigel D. / 09.25.14

The video was taken from the dash camera installed inside 31-year-old Sean Groubert’s vehicle during an encounter in which Groubert shot 35-year-old Levar Jones on September 4th at a Circle K gas station on Broad River Road in Columbia. Groubert was charged Wednesday with assault and battery of a high and aggravated nature in connection with the incident. Bond was set at $75,000.
Full Story: WLTX

There is no excuse for such actions from an officer. The man was simply complying with the officer’s request and got shot for it. Imagined if there wasn’t a camera to catch this? Luckily the man survived the shooting.

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#StopTheMadness: MTV Didn’t Nominate J. Cole For Hip Hop Video Of The Year

Written by Nigel D. / 07.19.14


MTV released nominations for the 2014 MTV Video Music Awards yesterday. Nominations for the “Best Hip Hop” video included, “3005,” “Hold On,” “Berzerk,” “Black Skinhead,” & “We Dem Boyz.” I have no clue how MTV came up with these nominations. Kanye’s video was horrible, the viral viral video for “3005” was better than the final version and Drake’s “Hold On” video was weak in my opinion.

How can a video like J. Cole’s for “Crooked Smile” be over looked? Artists who take the time to drop quality visuals need to be rewarded for their efforts. The “Crooked Smile” video told a story and evoked emotions. What music videos do you feel should have been nominated?

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#StopTheMadness: 60 People Were Shot & 11 Killed During 4th Of July Weekend In Chicago

Written by Nigel D. / 07.07.14

“I think it is representative of the gang, drug, gun violence problem that still persists in Chicago,” Rice said. “It’s not a law enforcement problem solely. There’s not going to be a law enforcement solution to this. You can’t arrest your way out of gang violence.”

In addition to the other shootings, the station reports there were six police-involved shootings over the long weekend. Two of the people shot by police were teenagers. As of early Monday morning, the station reports no one was in custody for any of the weekend shootings.
via CBS News

Chicago is not called, “Chi-Raq,” for no reason. It seems like no matter what the police do the violence continues. What do you feel can be down to get things going in the right direction?

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Stop The Madness: Pranks “In The Hood”

Written by Nigel D. / 07.03.14

It seems more and more people are risking their lives in hopes of getting videos viral on youtube. A new trend is doing pranks, “In the Hood.” Pranksters are going to what they call the, “Hood,” and pretty much harassing random people on the street. They try their best to aggravate strangers and once things get physical they scream, “it’s a prank.” These people are foolish to think that saying, “this is a prank,” will stop them from receiving a beat down. These pranks will sooner or later lead to serious consequences. This trend needs to end before people end up in the hospital and arrested.

You can see some examples of these videos in the slideshow.

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