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Audio: “Jay Z Is Somewhere Eating A Fondue Plate.” – Drake

Written by Nigel D. / 04.20.14

The Raptors and the city of Toronto are extremely hype to be in the playoffs. Their first round opponent happens to be the Brooklyn Nets. Although Jay Z is no longer part owner of the Nets Drake decided to take a shot at Jay Z saying he is somewhere eating a fondue plate. A Raptors exec earlier said, “F*** Brooklyn,” which you can see below. Also the Toronto Sun cover called the Nets dinosaurs.

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Audio: 50 Cent Speaks On Being Independent, Macklemore & His Favorite Kanye West Record

Written by Nigel D. / 04.19.14

50 Cent reached out to speak with London’s DJ Semtex today. In addition to his Animal Ambition album, 50 talked about how he measures his success today, being impressed by what Macklemore was able to achieve as an independent artist, his favorite Kanye West songs, feeling no remorse about destroying Ja Rule’s career and more.

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Audio: 50 Cent Calls Diddy’s “Big Homie” Trash

Written by Nigel D. / 04.17.14

50 Cent stopped by Baltimore radio station 92Q Jamz recently to visit with hosts AJ and AngelBaby on the Rap Attack show.

The “I Get Money” hit maker talked about the theme of prosperity for his forthcoming Animal Ambition album, explains why he still makes street music even though he’s financially set, the environment he grew up in that made him the person he is today, Jay Z and Puff Daddy remaining relevant, rapper’s with expiration dates and Puff’s “Big Homie” single being garbage.

“If the [artist] doesn’t have the significant savvy with the business or with our actual culture, he’ll be outta here,” 50 said. You’ll see [Jay Z] around as long as he’s been around. What’s he on, like 11 albums? Puff’s still out there. He don’t even need a record, ’cause he ain’t got one. You know Puffy ain’t got no music that you wanna hear. That Big Homie shit is garbage. I’ma keep it all the way real with you, because the guy said, ‘Don’t worry about if I write rhymes, I write checks,’ and then sings to you. This is why we got rid of Mili Vanilli.”

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Video: August Alsina Speaks On The 106 & Park Incident With Sway

Written by Nigel D. / 04.17.14

August Alsina is making his rounds to talk about his new album in stores, Testimony, and made a stop to Sway in the Morning to do just that — and more.

Starting off the conversation about his sex life, August opened up about how it hasn’t increased, but he does occasionally receive fellatio when brushing his teeth in the morning.August also addressed the BET 106 & Park incident and made it clear that he didn’t like how he was “portrayed as the bad guy” and explained his side of the story.”Certain things you can’t hide. I’m not gonna let anyone rob me of my honesty, no matter where I am in my life.”

Watch above and find out which other questions you shouldn’t ask August Alsina. Testimony in stores now.

August Alsina speaks on the 106 & Park incident at 9:05.

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Audio: Zane Lowe Interviews Nas About The 20th Anniversary Of Illmatic

Written by Nigel D. / 04.08.14

Zane chats to Nas about the 20th Anniversary of Illmatic and working with DJ Premier, Large Professor, Pete Rock and Q-Tip.

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Schoolboy Q Covers The Source & Speaks On Rapping About His Real Life

Written by Nigel D. / 04.07.14


I’m not scared to put my real life in there like a lot of rappers. Five, six albums in and you still don’t know nothing about their life. You just know they rap good. They crack, but you still don’t know, like, who is this n***a grandma, who’s his uncle, what block he come from. How much was the sodas when he was a kid, you know what I’m saying? N***as don’t put that type of s**t in their music. Everybody’s a mobster now. They got the Vaseline, they got the dope, they got the burner, like who you got the burner from though? How many shots were in the burner? When the cops came what did you do with the burner, you get what I’m saying? What’s your momma name? What’s your homie name, where’s the park that you caught a fade at? Nobody’s going in depth with it like me. Only other n***a doing it like that is YG.
- Schoolboy Q via TheSource

Who do you feel keeps it real with their music?

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Audio: 50 Cent Speaks To DJ Drama About Being Independent, Ja Rule, G-Unit & More

Written by Nigel D. / 04.05.14

50 Cent spoke with DJ Drama yesterday about, being an independent artist, his single, “Smoke,” with Trey Songz, Ja Rule, Fat Joe, issues with his son, G-Unit, his tv show, “Power” and more.

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