Is $98,000 Enough Money To Change Your Life?

Written by Nigel D. / 04.24.14


I had a chance talk briefly to a guy that owns an autographed pair of Yeezys and was offered, $98,000 in cash for them. To him that near $100k is not life changing money. Do you agree or disagree? I believe it is, you can put a down payment on a house and start a business. What would you do with $98,000?

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Today Marks The Fifth Anniversary For Drake’s “So Far Gone”

Written by Nigel D. / 02.13.14


Five years ago Drake dropped the mixtape that made his career take off, “So Far Gone.” It was his third mixtape and featured, Lykke Li,Peter Bjorn & John, Omarion,Bun B, Santigold,Trey Songz & Lil Wayne. Few mixtapes have had the impact and longevity, “So Far Gone,” has had. Would you call this your favorite project from Drake? What is your favorite tracks from the tape?

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Kanye West’s Debut Album “College Dropout” Dropped Ten Years Ago Today

Written by Nigel D. / 02.10.14


Kanye West dropped his first album, “College Dropout,” ten years ago today. A lot has happened to him since obviously and his albums that followed all had a different sound. I think this is the album people can relate to the most with tracks like, “Spaceship,” “All Falls Down,” “Last Call” & “Through The Wire.” Would you consider this his best album? What are your favorite tracks/videos/lines from the album?

Kanye West’s ‘The College Dropout': An Oral History

Ten years ago today we finally released what had been my life’s work up to that point: The College Dropout. I say “finally” because it was a long road, a constant struggle, and a true labor of love to not only convince my peers and the public that I could be an artist, but to actually get that art out for the world to hear. I am extremely grateful to each and every person along that road who helped, lent an ear, lent their voice, gave of their heart to that project, and to all the projects that followed, and are to come. I am honored and humbled by my fans, for the unwavering support and love over the past ten years. I wake up every day trying to give something back to you that you can rock to and be proud of. Ten years later I am still the same kid from Chicago, still dreaming out loud, still banging on the door. The doors may be heavier, but I promise you WE WILL BREAK THEM.
Kanye West

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Video: Charles Barkley Says “Thug” Has Become The Accepted Way To Say The N Word

Written by Nigel D. / 01.24.14

Fmr. NBA star Charles Barkley explains why he agrees with Richard Sherman on the meaning behind the word “thug.”

Below for Barkely speaks on role models.
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Do You Have Hope For NY Hip Hop In 2014?

Written by Nigel D. / 01.07.14

With 2013 being a bad year for NY in terms of Hip Hop, do you have hope for 2014? This year artists like Fabolous and Jadakiss should be dropping albums. Which NY artists are you most anticipating albums from? Which new artists do you think will flourish from NY?

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What Would You Like To See On RealTalkNY In 2014?

Written by Nigel D. / 01.02.14

RealTalkNY Logo

Happy New Year to everyone that checks out the site. What would you like to see from RealTalkNY and Nigel D in 2014?

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Did Jay Z Lose Some Credibility In 2013?

Written by Nigel D. / 12.27.13


The survey found that Jay Z scored 70% lower in the categories of trustworthiness and honesty than did celebrities like Morgan Freeman and Jennifer Lawrence, an issue Sehdev chalks up to Jay’s intense focus on making money seemingly however he can. Perhaps more damaging to Jay Z’s ability to persuade consumers through branded partnerships are his constant references to other products in his music. Sehdev said that on “Magna Carta Holy Grail” alone, Jay Z referenced eight different luxury brands more than 20 times. “Millennials questions his approach to loyalty, whether it be to a business deal or his fans,” Sehdev said. “His motivations to just make money can be viewed by this audience as self-centered, even if they may be business savvy.”

Full Story: Business Insider

Do you agree with the results of this study? Jay Z is becoming more and more of a business man with various ventures with, Roc Nation, Roc Nation Sports, Ace Of Spades, Dusse, Duracell, Samsung, Barneys, Cologne, Cigars and more. But is this affecting his credibility? Jay Z received some criticism for continuing his partnership with Barneys after racial profiling accusations. I think Jay Z handled the incident well. I just look at it as Jay Z being a smart business man and making the most of his fame and brand that he worked hard to build.

Keep in mind we don’t know the demographics for who was surveyed.

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