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Yesterdy Marked The Tenth Anniversary Of Jay Z’s “The Black Album”

Written by Nigel D. / 11.15.13

Photo via Lenny S.

THE BLACK ALBUM JustBlaze x Guru x Jay x Pharrell 10 Yrs ago today, we released this Classic. #RocNation #BaselineStudio
- Lenny S.

I drop that Black Album then I back out it, As the best rapper alive, ni**a ask about me. – Jay Z

On November 14th 2003, Jay Z dropped what was supposed to be his last album. Jay Z was ready to leave the rap game after his eighth release. The album had singles such as, “Change Clothes,” “Dirt Off Your Shoulder” & “99 Problems.” Jay Z also had a huge, “Fade To Black,” concert and “Encore,” went on to be one of his most popular songs to perform.

What were your favorite tracks, lines and videos from, “The Black Album”? How would you say the album compares to his more recent releases? Did you think Jay Z would really stayed retired at that time?

Check the slideshow for videos from, “The Black Album.”

Moment of Clarity: An Oral History of Jay Z’s The Black Album
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“Enter the Wu-Tang (36 Chambers)” Dropped 20 Years Ago Today

Written by Nigel D. / 11.10.13


The Wu Tang Clan debuted their first album, “Enter the Wu-Tang (36 Chambers),” twenty years ago today in 1993. Wu Tang Clan went on to not only be one of the biggest Hip Hop groups in terms of members but also the longest lasting, still going strong 20 years later. They played a major role in New York Hip Hop’s rise in the 90s and went on to create various classic tracks. What are your favorite tracks, verses from, “Enter the Wu-Tang.” What are your thoughts on Wu-Tang Clan’s impact on Hip Hop?

Check the slideshow for videos from the debut album.

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Thoughts On Kanye West Wearing The Confederate Flag & Using It On “Yeezus” Tour Merchandise?

Written by Nigel D. / 11.08.13


Whose side are you on with this one? Is Kanye West sending a message to the world by making the Confederate flag his or is he being disrespectful to people that have suffered from hardships that happened under that banner? Would you buy, “Yeezus,” merchandise with the Confederate flag on it?

Photos via Virgil Abloh

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Jay Z’s “American Gangster” Dropped Six Years Ago Today

Written by Nigel D. / 11.07.13


Jay Z’s 10th album, “American Gangster,” dropped six years ago today in 2007. This film was inspired by the movie, “American Gangster,” and was Jay Z’s first concept album. What was your favorite tracks from the album? Do you consider, “American Gangster,” a classic album?

I would have to say my favorite track off the album is, “Say Hello.”

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How Has Wale’s Music Changed Over The Years?

Written by Nigel D. / 09.26.13


REAL question: 1st thing i want yall to know that i dont take the “why do i care what ppl think” approach cuz i MAKE MUSIC for the people! So i take all opinions. 2nd. Is it me or is it the people? I make records like golden salvation vanity bricks black heroes freedom of Speech heavens afternoon curse of the gifted sunshine. I wrote so many records with meaning with passion. Theres ONE “dance” song. Yet people always talkin that sell out shyt. When i always been makin songs like that “bait” “pretty girls” “no hands” “ice cream girl” “dig dug”. Its like no matter what a vast majority of “fans” tryna say my shit changed. When actuality i used to just rhyme wit no meaning or vision. NOW i take my time . What are they listening to? Again im an artist tht prides himself on touchin the people so i listen to opinions.
- Wale

Every artist evolves over the years of his/her career and some fans tend to want them to stay the same. How would you saw Wale has evolved over the years?

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“I Do Have The Best Album Of The Year” – Drake

Written by Nigel D. / 09.25.13


While speaking with Angie Martinez, Drake declared he has dropped the best album of the year with, “Nothing Was The Same.” While I have seen good reviews, I haven’t listened to the album enough yet to give my opinion. In your opinion is the album better than, “Born Sinner,” “Magna Carta Holy Grail,” and the rest of the albums that dropped this year?

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What Are Your Thoughts On Drake’s “Nothing Was The Same”? (First Week Predictions?)

Written by Nigel D. / 09.24.13


Drake third album is officially here which also means, “Cuffin Season,” has begun. Yes I know it leaked two weeks ago but not everyone listens to leaks. What are your thoughts on the album? What are your favorite/most disliked tracks? Is this his best album to date? How many records do you expect him to sell in the first week?

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