Video: G-Unit – I’m Grown

Written by Nigel D. / 03.03.15

The Beast Is G-Unit” is on sale now.

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Kid Cudi – Love

Written by Nigel D. / 03.03.15

Something I made during the SF sessions. produced by me, keys by Dot. Sample is from one of my favorite Ratatat jams “Sunblocks”. And love to Evan and Mike for allowing me to release it.. For you. Hope it brings you some peace if you have a lonely heart out there. byeeeee :)
– Kid Cudi

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Which Rap Bars Would You Get Tattooed On You?

Written by Nigel D. / 03.03.15


The 1st #TheYoungOGProjectForTattoos post I seen so far, on @only1shaleigh “Eagles don’t fly wit pigeons, they way higher..
All wings flap but you gotta stay flyer”


If you had to get some rap lines tattooed on your body which bars would you choose?

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Fame School ft. Manolo Rose – Money Machine

Written by Nigel D. / 03.03.15


Fame School and Manolo Rose collab on “Money Machine.”

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Video: G-Unit On The Breakfast Club

Written by Nigel D. / 03.03.15

G-Unit speaks on “The Beast Is G-Unit” Ep which is on sale now. 50 Cent speaks on calling out A$AP Rocky, release dates, label business, rappers being followers now and more.

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Kanye West’s Oxford University Speech Transcript

Written by Nigel D. / 03.03.15

“My goal, if I was going to do art, fine art, would have been to become Picasso or greater.

“That always sounds so funny to people, comparing yourself to someone in the past that has done so much, and in your life you’re not even allowed to think that you can do as much. That’s a mentality that suppresses humanity.

“Some of you here probably remember the night when the Donda tweets came through me and I started talking about professions that you guys are going into, that seemed they had nothing to do with a rapper. I was talking about a band of thinkers that could remove religion, race, gender, and somehow come together to find solutions for a broken planet.

“We have the resources as a civilization to find a utopia, but we’re led by the most greedy and the least noble.”

“What I said was The Matrix is like the Bible of the post-information age.

“I compared it like, when the hundred guys come at Neo, those are opinions, that’s perception, that’s tradition. Attacking people from every which angle possible. If you have a focus wide and master senseis like Laurence Fishburne and you have a squad behind you, you literally can put the world in slow motion.

Full Speech: Oxford

Kanye West is out in London performing music from “So Help Me God” and delivering Yeezy Boosts. This is a speech he gave at Oxford University about creativity and society.

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